2014 was a pretty amazing Geekly year! With so much going on this year including some major anniversaries for many of our favorite franchises. From Batman, to Alien, to Ghostbusters and more, nerdom has reigned supreme this year!

So let’s take a look at 2014 in review when it comes my top favorite movies, games, and swag of this year!

Cap 2Favorite Comicbook Movie: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Sorry Guardians of the Galaxy but the star-spangled hero takes the cake on this one. GOTG is great in IMAX, but for repeat viewings, and my favorite Marvel movie so far, I pick Cap 2. The Russo Bros really hit this one out the park and I am looking forward to seeing their follow up with Civil War, and hopeful word that they will helm Avengers 3.

LEgo movieFavorite Non-Comicbook Movie: The Lego Movie

This movie is just amazing! Plus being based on one of my favorite toys doesn’t hurt either. Funny, clever, and for all audiences, The Lego Movie is PURE GOLD! Like Cap 2 I can watch this movie over and over again!

AlienFavorite Video Game: Alien Isolation

Alien celebrated its 35th Anniversary this year and Alien swag was everywhere as everyone looked to cash in on this event. Creative Assembly and SEGA took a huge risk with this game, especially after the mess that was Colonial Marines. Making it a horror survival game was the best idea ever and that is why Alien: Isolation is revered by many to be one of the best games of 2014. If you want the best Alien experience out there, then look no further!

NECA QueenFavorite Action Figure: NECA Alien Queen

I love NECA. I love Aliens. I freaking LOVE this figure! The details are amazing, the size is perfect and it easily replaces the McFarlane one from so long ago. Can’t wait for this coming year when the Powerloader is released and I can emulated the classic battle between Ripley and this Bitch. Just to note, this will be one of the rare toys I actually take out of the box….. mostly.

The flashFavorite New TV Show: The Flash

Stemming out of one of my other favorite shows on TV, Arrow, The Flash could have been a mess. But taking the opposite route of its sister show, The Flash is delivering a fresh, and exciting experience every Tuesday night. Based more in the sci-fi world than Arrow, this show explores super-powers and has totally changed the game when it comes to being based in “reality”. Even Arrow is accepting the existence of Metahumans, something that will change the scope of these shows forever!

Game of ThonesFavorite Returning TV Show: Game of Thrones

A fan till the end, GOT is one of the best produced TV shows in existence. Though being on paid cable helps immensely, Game of Thrones still blows away the competition with it’s intriguing political storylines, action-packed battles, and a stable of characters you aren’t sure who will die suddenly! I think the fact that I haven’t read the books makes things a little more exciting for me. Look for season 5 to start in the coming months!

WytchesFavorite New Comicbook: Wytches

I was sold on Scott Snyder back when I first read American Vampire, after that I read his short story novel, Voodoo Hearts. When he became the writer of Batman, my life was complete. This year marks his return to the horror genre with his latest tale, Wytches. This creep-fest of a comic is amazing and really recommend it. I loved that in the first issue towards the end, Snyder takes you on a tour of his old stomping grounds and explains how the concept for the book came out of fears he experienced during his childhood. Wytches is currently being released by Image Comics.

Jason AaronFavorite Comicbook Writer: Jason Aaron

Casey got me hooked on Aaron with the series Thor: God of Thunder. This year we saw him tackle two major new series for Marvel. He wrote the amazing crossover event, Original Sin, which I loved and Aaron’s gritty writing style is one of my favorite in the industry today. He continued his work on Thor, which changed the titular character into a woman. Aaron didn’t stop there as he released a new creator-owned title through Marvel’s Icon Comics, Men of Wrath. He also released his original book, Southern Bastards under the Image Comics label. But 2015 may be the year for this amazing writer to shine as he will be tackling the ongoing Star Wars series. Oh man I can’t wait for that one!

Lindsey StirlingFavorite Music Artist, Album, & Concert: Lindsey Stirling

To be honest, this is the only concert I went to. I am not a huge music geek, but music is a part of everyone’s lives so it has to be mentioned. Lindsey Stirling was my favorite artist of the year, it doesn’t hurt that she is a huge geek herself. Her sophomore album, “Shatter Me”, was a HUGE success and when she went on tour there was no way I was going to miss it! Growing up, I played the violin for years, this is the reason why the instrument holds a special place in my heart. Adding the electronic sounds of dub-step, Stirling took the music world by surprise with her unique sound. It is also awesome the she has done all of her own promotion and doesn’t work with a record label. This is the power of the internet and social media at its best! If you haven’t already, check out her YouTube page here!

Favorite Albums (in no particular order):

  • Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways
  • Broken Bells: After the Disco
  • Beck: Morning Phase
  • Paolo Nutini: Caustic Love
  • The Black Keys: Turn Blue
  • Bleachers: Strange Desire
  • Robert Plant: Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar
  • Pink Floyd: The Endless River
  • Hozier: Hozier


So there you have it Towelites! My favorite Geekly things from 2014! It was an amazing year for DFAT and the Towelites alike as we had some great experiences at events like Toy Fair, NYCC, Pax East, and more! Here’s to 2015 and what Geekly greatness it will bring!

Stay tooned!