Kevin Smith is on a roll, and though he professed to be retiring from directing, it doesn’t look like that’s happening any time soon. He’s currently working on the horror film Tusk, but also pre-production on Clerks 3, a Christmas anthology called Come to the Krampus, and now we get word of a new film called Yoga Hosers.

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Smith talks about Yoga Hosers:

Like Tusk, [‘Yoga-Hosers’] sprang out of a podcast. There are two characters in a convenience store in ‘Tusk’ that you see for five minutes, very much Ronsencrantz and Guildenstern. I’ve built a whole movie around them and I have brought one of the other characters from Tusk back.

Smith plans on starting productions in August. Little details are known, other than that the Yoga Hosers are a duo of yoga instructors who are cat burglars. Could be good? I’m a fan of Smith, so I’m sure that it’ll be entertaining. As more news comes down about it, Stay Tuned to DFAT to learn more!