I know that most people were not a big fan of Kevin Smith‘s ‘Tusk‘ this year. I thought it was a pretty incredible and original film, as did some of the other DFAT Crew. It was the first part in Smith’s ‘True North Trilogy’, with the second film, Yoga Hosers, due out laster this year. Not much is known about the plot, other than it involves both Colleen’s that worked at the conveince store shown in Tusk.

Today, we have a new image from the film and it’s a tease at the return of Johnny Depp‘s inspector character, Guy Lapointe. Depp was a shining moment in Tusk and I can’t wait to see Lapointe return. He was super weird and eccentric and perfect for Depp to play. Check out the image below.

yoga-hosers-johnny-depp-backLooks like the Colleen’s are in some hot water if they’re being interrogated by Lapointe. The girls are played by Smith and Depp’s daughters, Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Melody Depp.