While Chris and I were at New York Comic Con, we had the good fortune to come across the comic book, Zindan. A story that takes place in the 17th century, through the eyes of orphan brothers Zain and Timur, who belong to a secret order known as The Ansaars. The Ansaars are the protectors of world’s worst prison known as Zindan. What stuck out to us, aside from the original story, was the artwork done by none other than Sajad Shah. You can check out my interview with him HERE.

Come to find out, the creators of Zindan, Omar Mirza and Khurram Mehtabdin, have launched a Kickstarter to get more exposure on the project and get your readers to take a look at it. You can take a look at their launch video below.

You can learn more about Zindan by going to the Kickstarter page, following them on Twitter, and LIKING them on Facebook.

Zindan Creators