Our friends over at The Fwoosh have one of their a great “First Look” articles of the Elven characters Legolas and Tauriel represented in plastic form. So what is the verdict of The Bridge Direct‘s first attempt at a “true” action figure line? I’ll let you read the review and look at the gorgeous pics that were put together and judge for yourself. From my point of view it’s a great start but demand for these figs are leaving pegs empty, so your best bet may be finding these beauties online. I just checked Amazon and they a have a good supply of most of the sets, not that I have much faith in Amazon’s handling of action figure orders lately. I am not a collector of either the original LOTR series nor will I be picking up these, unless I find the Orc and Warg set, MAYBE, but I will be holding out for those glorious LEGO sets coming this winter….good hunting!

Stay Tooned 😛


Photo courtesy of  The Fwoosh