Internet speeds are getting cheaper and more powerful. Just a couple of years ago it was hard to ever imagine going above 10mb internet speeds, but with the advent of fibre optic connections and 4G internet, it’s easy to obtain high-speed internet. However, some of us are still stuck with basic broadband connections because we just can’t justify spending more money on a faster connection.

Speeds are getting so easy to increase that internet service providers are practically handing out upgrades for their customers. However, it still doesn’t give many people a reason to fork out the cash to buy a new router and upgrade their speeds. But you’re missing out! With services like verizon fios rolling out in more areas across the United States, there’s never been a better time to improve your slow connection. To help whet your appetite, here are some ideas that’ll convince you to upgrade.


You’ll Download Games Faster

Let’s face it, we love to try out new video games and with services like Humble Bundle and Steam having sales every couple of months, we can pick up cheap games and old releases that we missed for low prices. However, the more advanced games get the larger they become. It’s not uncommon to see games that are over 50GB in size now and that’ll take several days for a slow connection to finish downloading.

With a connection upgrade, you can buy and download all the latest releases and play them before you even finish making a coffee. You’ll get into the game faster, you can try out demos straight away, and you won’t have to leave your computer over night to download games.

Your Movies Will Stop Stuttering

Everyone hates jerking videos and having to pause to let the internet catch up. It ruins the mood and we can hardly call it video “on-demand” if we have to pause every couple of minutes. Get rid of that pesky “Buffering” message and upgrade your connection so that you’ll have seamless video playback that is truly on-demand.

Not only will it make your favourite shows instantly watchable, but you’ll also get to experiment and watch other movies and videos without having to wait. If you’ve ever been interested in watching a show but didn’t want to risk wasting your time letting it buffer or download, then a high-speed connection will let you experience all those shows without any hiccups.


More People Can Use the Internet

If you’ve ever had to kick someone off the internet because they were downloading games or watching films while you were, then you’ll understand the frustration of sharing your internet connection with other people. If you upgrade your internet, there will be more bandwidth to share between your devices and you’ll never have to argue over who gets to use it anymore.

Not only will there be more speed to share, but you’ll also get to connect more devices and have them do different things. You can have people watching films in the bedroom, someone watching a cooking video in the kitchen, people playing games on the TV and someone uploading their holiday photos all at the same time.