Hello Towelite Toy Enthusiasts! It’s been a big couple weeks for collectibles news so let’s get right into it!

First up today Mezco, out of left field, announced Logan for their One:12 Collective series. Now this is the 5th Wolverine figure from them and I just don’t think they did a good job with the accessories on this one. It could have EASILY been a day one preorder if you would have included heads that didn’t make me step back and say “why”. Why the Patch head without the white suit, why the stupid half snarl and why the heck did you connect the hat to the regular Logan head (AKA the good one) when you had the hat as a seperate accessory for Old Man Logan?! Come on guys.. Maybe I’ll pick this one up at a convention for half price. You can find Logan for preorder on Mezco, Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth!

Masters of the Universe is TRYING VERY HARD to make a comeback and it seems to be picking up steam. With talks of the movie moving forward, we will eventually see the push of more collectibles. MOTU figures have been around for a while now thanks to MattyCollector and Super 7 but now we are seeing other companies pick up the license and run wild with it. Remember Mega Bloks? Well now that company has spawned Mega Construx. You may have noticed these mini buid-a-figures sitting next to the LEGO display at your local brick and mortar. The first series featured a few different franchises including Masters of the Universe, I picked up the Skeletor. It is very similar to LEGO and it also has a MiniMates component to it. There are now a few waves out but you can get all of your favorite MOTU characters in a handy-dandy 5-pack. ALSO, and this is the interesting part, they are making the Wind Raider. It was logical to assume that this would be the next step in this new series and it only makes me wonder how long it will be before Castle Grayskull is announced. Head on over to Entertainment Earth to check out the full series from Mega Construx!

While we are on the construction block topic, LEGO has a few brand new sets based on the Harry Potter series coming out on August 1st. The sets will feature 4 “classic scenes” from all of the different movies/books including Hogwarts Express, Hogwarts Whomping Willow, Quidditch Match and the previously announced Hogwarts Great Hall. Get your Knuts, Sickles and Galleons ready to be spent! The sets aren’t up quite yet on the LEGO Shop website but keep checking back!!

Finally today the Tamashi Comic Con just happened and Bandai showed off a SLEW of new Figuarts action figures headed our way. The highlight (once again today) is the Harry Potter Year One trinity figures. This is only the beginning of this series and I cannot imagine what they have in store for us!!

Ordering Star Wars figures is a little more tricky for us here in the US but you can get your hands on them through companies like AmiAmi, Nippon-Yasan and more. I’m kind of glad that I stopped collecting these as I would be shelling out way to much money this time around. (I am getting the Boba Fett though.) Also on display were Yoda (Ep2), Jawa(s), Wicket, Han in Carbonite, more Clones, THE EMPEROR, Red Guards and SO SO much more. Oh did I mention Jar-Jar…

Well that’s it for this week’s round-up of Geekly toy news. Check out both The Toys that Made Us Pt.2 and Making Fun: The Story of Funko both streaming on Netflix now! See you next time and HAPPY HUNTING!

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